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This week Annie and Dan review the 2000 Sci-Fi Saga "Battlefield Earth" based on the book by L Ron Hubbard, and starring John Travolta, and nothing at all to do with Scientology whatsoever.

Alternate Titles: A Disturbing Effort, Always Have a Patsy, Nerd Hurt Words, My Name is Terl, Chekov's Nitrogen, Battlefield Earth Fangirl, Probst-TSD, Dunder Mifflin Psychlo Edition, Psychlo Pre-Show, Amused by Ineptitude

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Annie and Dan are back to review year 2000 movie, Hollow Man. This film stars Kevin Bacon, Elizabeth Shue, Josh Brolin, Kim Dickins, and Greg Grunberg. Directed by Paul Verhoeven. 

Alternate Titles: 
Dualing Hepburns, Ebenezer Dumb One, Invisible Jurassic Park, Effective Effects, Hair Notwithstanding, Weird Butt Rock, Bad and Cheesy, More Dicks!, Crotching & Gyrating, Sebastian Cage

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Annie and Dan return to review 2000's Rom-Com "Miss Congeniality" starring Sandra Bullock, Benjamin Pratt, Michael Caine, and Candace Bergen. Whoooo Boy.

Alternate Titles:  
Our Other Pardcart, Shrew-Moles, Satan's Panties, Broad with Two Asses, Submit to the Hotness, Casual Ass Slapping, Zero Research, Down to Clown, Hit Me With Your Fun Fact, Bradson Pittay, Depiction of the Peej

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