Annie and Danny's FastPass Podcast

Annie and Dan return and discuss all kinds of non-Disney topics this week, including Dan enjoying feeling smug, fooling his dogs, and more of Dan's break-down of Harry Potter. They also talk about Annie's dislike for Newsies, and her trip to the Dentist.

The Harry Potter discussion this time focuses mostly on Wizard Bachelors and the insane behavior of Dolores Umbridge.

They spend a few minutes talking about the movie Logan Lucky, which they both saw this week. For those of you who want to avoid spoilers, that's minute 42:12 to minute 52:00. 

Lastly they talk about Dan's issues with the current Fastpass Plus bias toward the East Coast, and how unfair it is for him and his white privilege that he had to wake up early.

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Annie and Dan hit the ground running and talk about a bunch of stuff, including Fred Armisen, improvised singing, the new website "Reddit", Dan's promotion, and some serious spoilers of The Dark Tower movie, which isn't even Disney.

They briefly talk about the closing of The Great Movie Ride and Universe of Energy.

The round out the last half of the episode by playing a rousing game of "Disney Would You Rather", and while it's not nearly as dirty as it sounds, its definitely just as fun.

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Annie and Dan return and discuss a whole lot of items this week. Before they even get into the Disney they discuss Rosie O'Donnell, Wizarding World of Harry Potter, movies they've seen, and Dan tells a story about a co-worker.

The news is brief, but they do mention the passing of Marty Sklar, the completion of the Slinky Dog ride at Toy Story Land, and even a little bit of Mission Space.

Then Dan does some One-Star Yelp Reviews for Animal Kingdom, where he does an offensive Boston accent, listens to complaints about Fastpasses, the cold weather, and possible racism.

Lastly, they talk about a couple of YouTube videos where people act like varying levels of idiots in ways related to Disney.

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