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This week Annie and Danny present their first Holiday Special! The episode is all about Halloween at Disney Parks. They talk about the villains they think are the most evil. They discuss their own proposals for Halloweeen overlays, and lastly they share some Disney Parks "ghost stories". Along the way, you'll find all of their usual back and forth and nonsense and chatter. Happy Halloween!

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Annie and Danny talk about their brushes with Disney Park fame. Dan was one of the finalists on American Idol Experience way back in February of 2009, and Annie was a contestant on Play It! Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

They also discuss the news revolving around the release of Avatarland production art. The pros, the cons, and the backlash. 

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This week Annie and Dan break down the 1950 Disney classic animated film Cinderella. They talk about how Cinderella's life didn't seem so bad, the Von Trapp Family, the stigma assigned to naming a kid Lucifer, and the heirarchy of the fictional Cinderella kingdom of animals. Also Gay Panic, WWII, and maybe the animators being a little lazy.

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In this episode Annie and Dan plow through a whole bunch of Disney news items, they raise several questions to which they do not know the answers, and they ponder the existence of the many mechanical cows across Disney World. During the second half they play an epic game of Disney World "Would You Rather" where Annie gives Dan several scenarios he tortures himself over.

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In this episode, Annie and Dan prove that they can literally talk about anything for an hour. The main Disney topic for the week is the concept of "Theme Violations". Enjoy!

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