Annie and Danny's FastPass Podcast

Annie and Dan welcome their first ever guest to the podcast, Sean aka @AngryDisneyNerd on Twitter. The three of them talk all kinds of Disney news, like more Avatar stuff, "This date in Disney History", the passing of Diane Miller, the layoffs of Park Execs, and a lot more.

Then Dan and Sean put on their nerd hats and talk Thor: The Dark World and Marvel flicks in general. Annie gets in on the act by telling an amusing anecdote about Natalie Portman.

To end the week, Annie pits Dan against Sean in an epic Disney trivia contest. You'll have to listen to see who wins!

A word of warning to the young'ins out there, due to time constraints, there may be an errant un-censored bad word or two. Or ten. 

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In this week's podcast, Annie and Dan discuss all sorts of Disney news ranging from the return of the "good" Illuminations Loop, to the closing of Sid Cahuenga's, to random dummies talking about bike paths, to the soul crushing addictiveness of Tiny Death Star.

In the last 15 minutes they briefly discuss Parkeology's attempt at the "Walt Disney World 47", and brainstorm some of their own concepts for "Disney World Endurance Challenges".

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On this episode, Annie and Dan discuss all the news from around the Disney-verse, from the much-discussed Star Wars release date to the less talked about announcement of the Muppets being featured in next years flower and garden festival. Finishing off with a short discussion of the contributions of Tony Baxter, Disney legend.

The second half of the episode focuses in on Annie and Dan's various Disney collections, their distaste for pin traders, the terrorists winning the war on Snow Globes, and the rise of Vinylmation.

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