Annie and Danny's FastPass Podcast

Dan and Annie's robot stand-in "Robot Annie" discuss the Disney news of the week, including increases in Disney World pricing, the Muppet Movie soundtrack on vinyl, how cranky people are about the Disneyland Subs being drained, the addition of Marvel and other non-Disney characters and more!

Then they do Dan's version of Disney Dummies, called "Cranky A-Holes" where people complain about just about everything, but especially the busses. Pretty much we disagree with the premise that the busses suck. They don't.

Lastly they discuss Disney World restaurants. Their favorite counter service places, their worst meal at WDW, and the restaurant they most want to try.

Did we mention Annie's a Robot?

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Annie and Dan return from a brief hiatus to discuss all manner of news including Disneyland Paris additions, the Little Mermaid Fire, YouTubers, Disney Parades, and sex offenders. 

Next they tackle more discussion of the Disneyland Social Clubs and what exactly is their problem.

The weekly feature is about Valentines Day and Presidents Day and is about as interesting as you'd imagine. 

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In this special episode of the podcast, Annie and Dan welcome Greg, the founder of popular site, home of the "What the Hell Happened" Series.

After a short bit of news, the three dive into some movie talk, hitting on the Oscars, has-been actors, Disney World, Saving Mr. Banks, and of course... Val Kilmer. 

It was great having Greg on the show! 

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