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Annie and Dan review 2000's Sports Drama, 'Love & Basketball' starring Sanaa Lathan, Omar Epps, Alfre Woodard, Dennis Haysbert, and Harry Lennix. Written and Directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood.

Alternate Titles- Everything's Coming Up Winslow, Bathketball in Barthelona, A Baller if You Will, Nerds Transcend Race, Skeletal Jaleel White, Ridin' on the D, Sorry High School Boys, Barthelona Baby

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Annie and Dan return this week to review 2000's teen dance movie "Center Stage" starring Amanda Schull, Zoe Saldana, and Peter Gallagher. 

Alternate titles: Fuck the Ballet, Prunes are Nature's Candy, Smoking Lessons, Cutie Cute Boy, She's No Perabo, What About The Understudy?, Tall Skinny and Strangely Featured, I Love Her as Rebecca, SMOKING!, Cooper Douche Inception, Pretty Inoffensive in General, You Sound Like a Hick

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Annie and Dan are joined this week by their friend from The Mickey Dudes, Jeff Williams, to review 2000's Nostalgia Epic "Coyote Ugly" starring Piper Perabo, Maria Bello, John Goodman, and Tyra Banks.

Alternate Titles: Hell No H2O, Visitors from Facebook, Wide-Eyed Perabo, Budweiser Lobster, Self-Insert Yourself, Marilyn Stan, Fancy Jersey, Phantom of the Dive Bar, Sticky as Fuck, She Gots Rimes'd, Scarred by the Bar

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This week Annie and Dan review M. Night Shyamalan's "Unbreakable" starring Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, and Robin Wright. 

Alternate Titles: The Edward Version, Is He a Ghost Again?, Shamalammed, A Little Cheaty, Startling Lack of Curiosity, Clarfication, Baby Juh-May, Low Refreshment Level, Racing a Toddler, Stumbling and Crackling, My Friends Call Me Clarf.

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