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Seriously. Don't listen to this episide. 

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Annie and Danny return for Episode 51 and start traditionally with the Disney News of the week, this time briefly touching on the passing of Robin Williams, The American Idol Experience closing, Frozen's upcoming "Making Of" special, George Lucas' evil plan, Tower of Terror ride videos, and the closing of Haunted Mansion for refurb.

Next the duo announces that they'll be running in the Tower of Terror 10 Miler in 2015, which is just about the worst thing ever.

Lastly they each plan their "Worst Disney Day" in the parks for each other. Annie gets way more creative than Dan.

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Annie and Dan are joined this week by fantastic Disney bloggers Shane and Ted from who came on to talk about the one-year anniversary of their epic quest to ride all 47 rides at Walt Disney World.

Before they get into it, though, they start with the news. This week they discuss the closing of American Idol Experice, the possibilities of a new Star Wars area, the new "Direct Check-in" at the resorts, the opening of a new Haunted Mansion shop, and Harrison Ford's on-set injury.

The 2nd half of the podcast is dedicated to talking about the Parkeology Blog, and of course the duo's epic attempt at the WDW 47, which is possibly the coolest thing ever.

Thanks to Shane and Ted for coming on!

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Annie and Danny spend a contentious episode discussing the news of the week, which this week includes the 24-Hour Disney Day (and the double-edged sword it is), the new Frozen on Ice show, the annoucement of the first Star Wars spinoff movie, Goofy's 82nd Birthday, and the speculation surrounding the land purchases around Disneyland and a potential third park in Anaheim.

For the main topic of the night, the two discuss Disney stars from each decade, and learn about their drug addictions, their taste in men, their failed and successful music careers, and their general awesomeness or lack thereof. We're looking at you, The Beef.

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