Annie and Danny's FastPass Podcast

Alternate titles: "Is that how Cthulu Works?" "Donkey-Type Machines" "I Love a Grommet" "All Lions Sound the Same" "Here for Hot Jafar" "No Furries at the Hilton" "Cosplay is Not Consent" "Handies on the Track" "When Gondolas Attack" and "Eric Cartman as Prince Eric"

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Annie and Danny make another triumphant return to talk Disney News, The Rage in the Twitterverse, and what they'd do at WDW if they were in charge.

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Other Episode Titles this week: "Always the Moochee", "The Godfather 3-D", "The Girl from Hoboken", "#Hag-ride", "Peak of Pique", "The Kermit or the Gay", "Nothing is Uglier Than a Thirsty-Ass Man", "Spilling the Tea", and "We're Gods Now"

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Other Possible Titles: The Illiterate Bounty Hunter, Darth Iger, Dessert Lettuce, Band of Hooters, Clams and Pomegranates, Almond Butts, Pocketed It, Non-Gendered Bushes, and Urine Idiot.

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Other Possible Episode Titles: Doc McClarfins, Danny Lynn Burkhead, Fisheyes and Walnuts, Lion Lion, Sliding into DMs, Hockey is Dumb (Don't AT me), Oh He Smushed Him, Lightning McQueen Wrap-Around, and Hoop-dee-Don't

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Annie and Dan return to discuss the decidedly boring Disney news of the week, which touches on Gondolas, delayed openings, and definitely not Notre Dame. Then they play a rousing game of "Would you Rather?" and finish with an Easter-Themed Resurrection main topic.

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Annie and Dan return to talk about the recent Disney happenings including the smoking ban, the stroller restrictions, the end of a 'commemorative brick' era, and Star Wars "Galaxy's Edge". Then they do a deep dive on all of the new additions coming to Epcot in the next few years.

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Annie and Dan return with a wall-to-wall Disney podcast, where they talk about parking lot misadventures, the Frozen 2 trailer, the live-action Aladdin trailer, and more.

They have a strange conversation about Wreck It Ralph 2, and then they discuss the extra long lines the parks are seeing these days.

This is followed by some 'confirmed by the creators' theories about some of our favorite Disney movies like Cars, Zootopia, and Aladdin.

Lastly, the duo propose their own special Disney Tours that should immediately become available.

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Annie and Danny return for a very special Valentine's day episode!

First, as usual, they chat about nothing in particular for a while, and then they go into a rare Annie-Generated Newscast. Some of the topics on the agenda are Disney's loophole closing for Fastpass +, a new very pricey VIP experience, the coming of Peabo Bryson, and also of Kevin the bird.

The second half of the episode is dedicated to a very classy, and not at all explicit game of "F**k, Marry, Kill" with Disney Characters. Needless to say, it gets pretty weird.

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Annie and Dan start the episode talking about the distinction between being stupid and seeming stupid. 

They discuss the Disney News of the day, including the first official Disney LGBTQ event in Disneyland Paris, the best Bars at Walt Disney World resorts, the stupidity of people standing up on rides, and some random rumors here and there.

Annie discovered one of the great lost IMDB movie reviewers, and we enjoyed some of his old reviews of Disney classics such as Muppet Treasure Island, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Last, the duo pitch the first of what promises to be many blocks of Disney TV spin-offs starring favorite characters from the Disney movie library.

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This is the week Annie and Dan transition from fun-loving, foul-mouthed Disney devotees to hard-hitting, hard-boiled conspiracy theorists who tear the masks off of society and reveal the dirty underbelly of the world.

Just kidding. 

It's more of the usual mindless chatter about Las Vegas, Fyre Fest, and the Flaming Twitter Fire created by Bob Iger. Of course, Dan saves some room for some complaints about DVC, the duo talk about the end of Illuminations, and what kind of person buys a stolen animatronic.

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