Annie and Danny's FastPass Podcast

Annie and Dan keep the small talk to the scatalogical, though also Disney-related.

Once through the unpleasantness, they kick off the Great Disney March Madness bracket, going through every matchup. Many casualties. Some really big upsets, and we think a true, legitimate winner. 

See some epic match-ups involving your favorites like Mary Poppins, Kermit the Frog, Pin Trading, and the Boardwalk Epcot Entrance.

Listen to find out who won, and tweet at us to let us know how dumb we are.

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Annie and Dan return to celebrate March Madness, Disney Style. 

They spend the full episode compiling a bracket of 64 competitors. 16 each from movies, characters, park attractions, and miscellaneous Disney things.

Now that the competitors have been chosen, Dan will put together a bracket for the official Disney March Madness Tournament

Also, Dan thinks this is episode 99. it's not. 

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Annie and Dan return this week to discuss vocal fry, dabbing, giraffe gestation periods, and even some Disney topics.

They talk about the Disney news of the week, which includes the first trailer for Duck Tales, Disney's showing at the Academy Awards (winning 4 Oscars), the express bus service, Emma Watson as Belle and Josh Gad being gay in Beauty and the Beast, and the Copper Creek DVC properties.

Then they discuss Dan's DVC dilemma, Annie asks a few "Disney Would You Rather"s, and Dan talks about John Stamos' Disney Bounding.

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