Annie and Danny's FastPass Podcast (Disney and Disneyana)

Annie and Dan start this ep by discussing the News of the week, which covers things like runDisney, Star Wars Weekend, a long comment by Dan about Guardians of the Galaxy, the Planes sequel, and the price increase at Disneyland

They then go through a list of suggested activities for Walt Disney World in the Rain!

Next they go through some pretty good Disney Dummies that mostly focus on people being dumb, and also the antiquated notion of chivalry.

Lastly they discuss how they both booked their WDW trips this week, how they're both staying at Deluxe Resorts, and there is some discussion of packages.

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Annie and Dan welcome back the fantastic R. Kelly for her second appearance.

They run through the week's news items which include USA Today's Rankings of WDW Resorts, The removal of the waterfall at The Polynesian, a new bird show at Animal Kingdom, the 'Eat to the Beat' Performers, and more.

Next they discuss two "minor" conspiracies in the newest installment of "Dan's Conspiracy Corner"

For the main event of the episode, the three partake in the the first ever "Pixie Duster Quiz", where through 10 questions they seek to determine the level and extent to which each of them are Pixie Dusters or Foamers.

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This week is so chock full of news items that Annie and Danny spend the whole ep just talking about the goings-on at the Disney Parks this week.

First they talk about the opening of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride at Fantasy Land

Then they talk about the announced opening of a new branch of Trader Sam's at The Polynesian Resort.

After that, they turn their attention to Animal Kingdom news with the annoucements of Harambe Nights and Rivers of Light

Lastly they discuss the Star Wars Episode VII casting news, especially the role of Adam Driver, and his general presence on Girls on HBO.

They end the episode with their most embarrassing moment. 

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Annie and Dan welcome guest, host of the Creepy Kingdom Podcast, James Carter to the show.

With James they run through the Disney News of the Week, which features new assignments for park execs, and new directions for Epcot. The 25th Anniversary of Hollywood Studios (prompting each of them to discuss their favorite Studios Memory), the start of registration for the 2015 Marathon, and the filming of scenes for the new Soarin' film.

Next they talk to James a bit about his podcast and how awesome it is that Stacy J. was a guest.

Then they go through another Dan's Conspiracy Corner, where this time they discuss the theory that Tangled, Frozen, and The Little Mermaid are connected.

Lastly, they rifle through some questions about all manner of things like Dole Whip, Zombies, and the hilarious creepiness of It's Tough to Be a Bug.

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Annie and Dan start this ep, like most eps, with a rundown of the weekly Disney news, this time including the crazy lines at Princess Fairytale Hall, a new "aviation themed" restaurant at Disney Springs, Disney being a great place to work, and also a 'disappointing place to visit', and the extended "wind down" hours created for some popular Epcot restaurants. 

Next they dive into their "Watchin' Stuff" segments where they go DEEP in the breakdown of the Dancing With the Stars Disney Themed Episode. 

Lastly, they each talk about Disney-Related YouTube clips they sent to each other, and they also talk (with at least some shame) about some Disney Porn that Dan found.

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Annie and Dan are joined this week by Jake from The Wildest Podcast in the Wilderness, the Mickey Mutineers!

The three go through the Disney News of the week including Walt Disney World receipts saving men from jail, it's a small world's 50th anniversary, the animatronics wizardry of Garner Holt, the announced dates for the third Captain America flick, families of autistic children suing Disney, and more molesters.

Next was the newest segment of Dan's Conspiracy Corner, where Dan talks about the theory that all Pixar movies are interconnected and taking place within the same universe. 

Then the three pitch their ideas for what Disney should do with empty spaces at the park.

Last, Annie has Jake and Dan square off in a epic trivia battle. You'll have to listen to see who wins. 

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This is a Muppetastic Episode!

Annie and Dan start with the news of the day, which includes more Fastpass Plus updates, Frozen becoming the highest grossing animated film ever, Adventures by Disney news, Captain America, DisneyNature's Bears, and Annie's obsession with apes of all kinds. 

Annie then goes into a recap/review of Muppets Most Wanted which also includes some Disney Dummy-esque reviews of the flick.

After some general bickering, the two finish up by listing their three favorite Muppets. 

Sadly, their episode does not feature Tim Curry.

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After observing the Opening Day Holiday, Dan and Annie are BACK!

They start with several news items including the rumors surrounding Emma Watson's involvement in a Little Mermaid live action movie, some new Star Wars-themed dining experiences for Star Wars Weekends, the Earthquake at Disneyland, the continued success of the Frozen soundtrack, and finally the release of Magic Bands to non-Resort guests.

Next are two new segments:
"Dan's Conspiracy Corner", where Annie and Dan discuss the weird Disney movie conspiracies, this week focusing on the "Nemo is Dead" conspiracy.


"A Taste of Dan" where Dan finds, cooks, and reviews a meal recipe from Walt Disney World. This week was "Mama's Meatloaf" from the 50's Prime Time Diner.

Lastly, Annie and Dan talk about what you get when you sign up for D23, and the distinct possibility that Dan isn't getting all he could be from the experience.

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This ep is all over the place. Annie and Dan start the ep discussing Dan's reservations about flying the long, varied commercial flights to Orlando from California. Then they delve into the week's news, which includes discussion of new Pixar movies, the TRex Water Disaster, D23 Expo, Mark Hamill and more.

Next Annie does a brief Disney Dummies Segment, and then the pair discuss what hypothetical disasters would really make Twitter take notice at the parks.

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Annie and Dan are visited again by the buddy Sean aka @AngryDisneyNerd.

The trip spends the first part of the episode discussing several news items like new cell towers at Walt Disney World, the releases of the new Muppets movie and the Frozen BluRay, the Frozen Princesses impending move to Magic Kingdom, and of course the Mater Topiary.

Next Sean goes into great depth about his recent trip to Disneyland and burgeoning love for Disney's California Adventure.

The episode ends with the three discussing the rides that appear in both California and Florida and which versions win the head-to-head comparisons.

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This week, Annie and Dan start off discussing John Travolta's 'Adele Dazeem' fiasco, The Oscars in general, and Dan's overall hoity-toity view of the singers.

Next they discuss the sparse Disney news of the week including Disney's de-funding of the Boy Scouts, the St. Patrick's Festival at Downtown Disney, MyMagic + being rolled out to Annual Passholders, and Disney's upcoming remake of The Jungle Book.

Next, they play a rousing game of Disney Twenty Questions. See if you can beat them to their answers!

Lastly, they delve deeper into the idea of Timeless-ness at Disney World and discuss their opinions on their least and most timeless Disney attractions.  

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Annie and Dan are joined this week by the illustrious, illuminous Rebecca Kelly. Rebecca, known on Twitter as @RKellyWDW, is a very popular blogger and Disney travel agent.

The show starts with the trio discussing the news of the week, including the Magic Kingdom hub expansion, the Disneyland and WDW being open for 24 hours on Memorial Day, Disney cutting ties with Boy Scouts of America, Disney Movies Anywhere, Disney LEGOs, and the nature of the Tron Light-Cycle Roller Coaster in Disneyland Shanghai.

Next they get down and dirty with Disney trip planning with Rebecca, who will be assisting Dan and his wife with their upcoming Disney trip.

Lastly they pose several hypothetical "travel-type" questions to Rebecca just because they can. 

It's a fantastic episode and loads of fun. Annie and Dan hope to have Rebecca back on soon.

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Dan and Annie's robot stand-in "Robot Annie" discuss the Disney news of the week, including increases in Disney World pricing, the Muppet Movie soundtrack on vinyl, how cranky people are about the Disneyland Subs being drained, the addition of Marvel and other non-Disney characters and more!

Then they do Dan's version of Disney Dummies, called "Cranky A-Holes" where people complain about just about everything, but especially the busses. Pretty much we disagree with the premise that the busses suck. They don't.

Lastly they discuss Disney World restaurants. Their favorite counter service places, their worst meal at WDW, and the restaurant they most want to try.

Did we mention Annie's a Robot?

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Annie and Dan return from a brief hiatus to discuss all manner of news including Disneyland Paris additions, the Little Mermaid Fire, YouTubers, Disney Parades, and sex offenders. 

Next they tackle more discussion of the Disneyland Social Clubs and what exactly is their problem.

The weekly feature is about Valentines Day and Presidents Day and is about as interesting as you'd imagine. 

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In this special episode of the podcast, Annie and Dan welcome Greg, the founder of popular site, home of the "What the Hell Happened" Series.

After a short bit of news, the three dive into some movie talk, hitting on the Oscars, has-been actors, Disney World, Saving Mr. Banks, and of course... Val Kilmer. 

It was great having Greg on the show! 

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In this week's episode Annie and Dan discuss the recent News and Rumors in the Dinsey universe, including the hubbub over a Frozen-themed ride replacing Maelstrom, some special events in the D23 year, a new counter service restaurant in Animal Kingdom, and Frozen's general dominance over everything.

Next Dan briefly discusses his foray into the world of Disney Infinity and Vinylmations.

Last Annie and Dan discuss some of the most common and lesser known myths and urban legends surrounding the Disney Company and Disney World and Disneyland specifically.

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This week's episode starts with Annie and Dan discussing the especially sparse news in the world of Disney including Topiaries, the British Virgin Islands, and Robert Lopez's quest for the EGOT.

The episode then transitions into an in-depth analysis of Saving Mr. Banks and the mean lady that was P.L. Travers.

After that, they hit some good old-school Disney Dummies that are mostly about people overreacting to smokers.

Finally, in honor of the FastPass going into "Legacy" status, they talk about what else should be put out to pasture at Walt Disney World. 

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In this week's episode, Annie and Dan discuss some recent Disney news including the ground breaking at Avatarland, the new restaurant in Morocco at Epcot, the end of the paper fastpass, Frozen's upcoming DVD release, and the positives of a Disney vs. Universal war.

They briefly discusss Dan's tentative planning for his Walt Disney World trip in January 2015.

They end the podcast with lists of their most underrated and overrated things at Walt Disney World.  

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Annie and Dan go deep into the Disney Animated Film 'Pocahontas', and potentially ruin their friendship forever. Their opinions are wildly divergent, with Annie liking it mostly, and Dan mostly being offended at its very existence. 

Sit back and enjoy! 

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This week Annie and Dan hold their end-of-the-year podcast where they wing it through no substantial news items, but talk about their respective holidays and the things that stood out for them most about this year at Disney. 

Next they touch on some "injury/mishap themed" Disney Dummies where poop is discussed a bit too much probably.

After that they discuss Frozen some more, Dan's experience watching Saving Mr. Banks, and then his visit to the Walt Disney Family Museum.


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Annie and Dan welcome the legendary Mickey Mutineers as guests to the podcast this week in a special holiday episode. 

Dan starts off the conversation with Disney News ranging from the announced dates for the Star Wars Weekends in 2014, to the announcement of the newest animated film to the passing of Peter O'Toole, and the fake Disney Overlay announcements.

Then Annie busts out a Holiday-Themed Disney Dummies where they touch on Disney's Jingle Cruise and what Walt would think about the commercialism of the holidays at Disneyland.

The podcast closes with some free-form discussion of what Princess has the best dress, who you'd want to fist-bump under the mistletoe, and the Star Wars Holiday Special. 

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In this episode of the podcast, Annie and Dan welcome back their friend Sean (@AngryDisneyNerd) and they discuss the fairly scant Disney News of the week, which mostly features them being uninterested in the tidbits researched by Dan. These include items about Ducktales the video game, Facebook check-ins, wrongful death lawsuits, and waffles. 

After that, they dive into the Disney Dummies segment, and a brief discussion regarding the veracity of Saving Mr. Banks and whether that even matters.

Lastly, they spend the final 25 minutes discussing Frozen in the most spoilerific way possible. 

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In this episode Annie and Dan start by discussing the news from the Disney-verse including more useless Disney Infinity factoids, an Update on Shanghai Disneyland design and their smog problem, the implications of Disney's acquisition of the Indiana Jones rights, and the crumbling relations between Disneyland Paris management and staff.

Next they spend some time on their popular recurring segment "Disney Dummies" where they make fun of Disney message board posts.

They finish up with a game they call "Disney Showdown" where they are presented with two options at Disney and they can only choose one.

Also? Annie explains a dream she had in which Dan appears. Let's just say a silver newsboy cap is involved.  

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In this episide Annie and Dan talk about more Avatarland related news, with the release of the first attraction blueprints and the close-date for Camp Minnie-Mickey. They discuss the highest selling items at the Food and Wine Festival, the allure of the cranberry bog, the release of some ultra-realistic magnets, and Frozen's appearance in Norway's Church.

Then they start in on discussing the weird opinions of Disney forum posters and their preliminary thoughts on My Magic Plus. 

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Annie and Dan welcome their first ever guest to the podcast, Sean aka @AngryDisneyNerd on Twitter. The three of them talk all kinds of Disney news, like more Avatar stuff, "This date in Disney History", the passing of Diane Miller, the layoffs of Park Execs, and a lot more.

Then Dan and Sean put on their nerd hats and talk Thor: The Dark World and Marvel flicks in general. Annie gets in on the act by telling an amusing anecdote about Natalie Portman.

To end the week, Annie pits Dan against Sean in an epic Disney trivia contest. You'll have to listen to see who wins!

A word of warning to the young'ins out there, due to time constraints, there may be an errant un-censored bad word or two. Or ten. 

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In this week's podcast, Annie and Dan discuss all sorts of Disney news ranging from the return of the "good" Illuminations Loop, to the closing of Sid Cahuenga's, to random dummies talking about bike paths, to the soul crushing addictiveness of Tiny Death Star.

In the last 15 minutes they briefly discuss Parkeology's attempt at the "Walt Disney World 47", and brainstorm some of their own concepts for "Disney World Endurance Challenges".

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On this episode, Annie and Dan discuss all the news from around the Disney-verse, from the much-discussed Star Wars release date to the less talked about announcement of the Muppets being featured in next years flower and garden festival. Finishing off with a short discussion of the contributions of Tony Baxter, Disney legend.

The second half of the episode focuses in on Annie and Dan's various Disney collections, their distaste for pin traders, the terrorists winning the war on Snow Globes, and the rise of Vinylmation.

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This week Annie and Danny present their first Holiday Special! The episode is all about Halloween at Disney Parks. They talk about the villains they think are the most evil. They discuss their own proposals for Halloweeen overlays, and lastly they share some Disney Parks "ghost stories". Along the way, you'll find all of their usual back and forth and nonsense and chatter. Happy Halloween!

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Annie and Danny talk about their brushes with Disney Park fame. Dan was one of the finalists on American Idol Experience way back in February of 2009, and Annie was a contestant on Play It! Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

They also discuss the news revolving around the release of Avatarland production art. The pros, the cons, and the backlash. 

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This week Annie and Dan break down the 1950 Disney classic animated film Cinderella. They talk about how Cinderella's life didn't seem so bad, the Von Trapp Family, the stigma assigned to naming a kid Lucifer, and the heirarchy of the fictional Cinderella kingdom of animals. Also Gay Panic, WWII, and maybe the animators being a little lazy.

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In this episode Annie and Dan plow through a whole bunch of Disney news items, they raise several questions to which they do not know the answers, and they ponder the existence of the many mechanical cows across Disney World. During the second half they play an epic game of Disney World "Would You Rather" where Annie gives Dan several scenarios he tortures himself over.

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In this episode, Annie and Dan prove that they can literally talk about anything for an hour. The main Disney topic for the week is the concept of "Theme Violations". Enjoy!

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Annie and Danny recap the rest of Dan's Disneyland trip, his thoughts on eating food out of cones and how customer service and OSHA don't mix. Annie goes into depth about how all of the princesses look great, except for Aurora. Dan's 

Then they spend the rest of the episode ranking and discussing the many Walt Disney World resort hotels from Best to Not as Best.

Also notable: Annie is far more prepared than Dan for their main topic, Dan gets a little drunk, and Annie thinks his rankings are bad.

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Annie and Danny talk while Dan is visiting Disneyland. They discuss the scavenger hunt Annie gave him, and all other manner of things going on at The Happiest Place on Earth. 

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Annie and Dan talk about all kinds of things this week. Listen to them discuss recent Disney World and Disneyland news involving street toughs, Club 33, Dan's "Dark Times", Annie's anxiety about rule breakers, Starbucks at Epcot, Princess Fairytale Hall, Annie's scuba fantasies, and all kinds of other things.

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Annie and Danny dig deep into Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in the first of their Disney Movie Retro Reviews

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Annie and Dan talk about their picks for the least acceptable favorite Disney movie, the closing of Captain EO, Figment, the Jonas Brothers, and much much more.

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