Annie and Danny's FastPass Podcast

Annie and Dan hit the ground running and talk about a bunch of stuff, including Fred Armisen, improvised singing, the new website "Reddit", Dan's promotion, and some serious spoilers of The Dark Tower movie, which isn't even Disney.

They briefly talk about the closing of The Great Movie Ride and Universe of Energy.

The round out the last half of the episode by playing a rousing game of "Disney Would You Rather", and while it's not nearly as dirty as it sounds, its definitely just as fun.

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Annie and Dan return and discuss a whole lot of items this week. Before they even get into the Disney they discuss Rosie O'Donnell, Wizarding World of Harry Potter, movies they've seen, and Dan tells a story about a co-worker.

The news is brief, but they do mention the passing of Marty Sklar, the completion of the Slinky Dog ride at Toy Story Land, and even a little bit of Mission Space.

Then Dan does some One-Star Yelp Reviews for Animal Kingdom, where he does an offensive Boston accent, listens to complaints about Fastpasses, the cold weather, and possible racism.

Lastly, they talk about a couple of YouTube videos where people act like varying levels of idiots in ways related to Disney.

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Annie and Dan start the episode talking about Annie's trip to the dentist, people's assumptions about 'Disney People', Fair Food, and the weird story about Disney's failed relationship with Jake Paul and Bizaardvark. They also talk about the idea that they're merely the idea of a fictional character, who is the work of R. Kelly.

They take a brief trip "Off Property" to talk about the new Planet of the Apes movie (they both liked it)

Lastly they spend a while bickering about what tasks should comprise their Disney World Scavenger Hunt. 

The episode was sponsored by Lane Cohen's Below Par, available on Amazon

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Annie and Dan return and talk about Dan's Jury Duty and Annie's mice friends before they dive into the real deal Disney talk.

First Annie goes on a little bit of a socialist rant against Sofia the First, a kids show about a princess. 

Once that's completed, they talk about all of the announcements from the recent D23 convention. Some of which include the new Star Wars Land (Star Wars Galaxy's Edge), the new Tron attraction coming to Magic Kingdom, the Toy Story Land, the Star Wars Hotel, new DVC properties, Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway, and a whole lot more.

Lastly they start the conversation toward coming up with a concrete plan for an official Podcast Challenge/Scavenger Hunt.

The Podcast is sponsored by "Below Par" by Lane Cohen

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Annie and Dan return and discuss the Disney news of the week, which includes the end of the Siemens sponsorship, some wild speculation on the future rides of Epcot, a really expensive Disneyland map being sold, and announced changes to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

Then they go "off Property" to talk a little about Harry Potter.

Lastly, they spend the final few minutes of the show discussing the new Spider-Man movie. Spoilers abound in this section.

Oh! And they have a sponsor in the book "Below Par" by Lane Cohen.

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Annie and Dan return to actual Disney-related content, by going through the recent Disney news items. They discuss the possible property values at Walt Disney World, which leads into the revelation that Dan would like to be a despot.

Among other things, they talk about the five new dining "concepts" coming at Disney Springs, which include something from Wolfgang Puck, something from Jose Andres, and something that Dan described as a 'hipster masturbation fantasy'.

Annie brings back the "One Star Reviews" segment, which includes a review where a lady really hates this one particular rock. 

Lastly, they both watched Pixar's Cars 3, and they go into a pretty detailed, spoiler-laden review of the flick.

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Annie and Dan record without a plan for the 2nd week in a row, and it's unclear if it's laziness, or just more fun. We'll see if the pattern continues moving forward.

For this ep, they talk about the movie going experience, and go very deep on Tom Cruise and The Mummy reboot, as well as the birth of "Dark Universe" or whatever the heck that's supposed to be.

They talk a little about some upcoming Disney movies, and then briefly talk about the possible tours he can take on his October visit to Walt Disney World, and the under-discussed Disney World miniature golf courses.

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Annie and Dan prepare even less than usual this week, and completely wing an episode with no pre-planning. They still manage to talk about Pirates of the Caribbean, Guardians of the Galaxy, and the new Pandora area at Animal Kingdom.

Dan asks Annie for her most quotable Disney movie, the minutia of Annie's day, Captain Phillips memes, popular current trailers, they have a game of 20 Question about what movie Annie bought out of the discount bin at Walgreens...but mostly they talk about Annie's weird burp noises.

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Before diving into the Disney news, Annie and Dan discuss a very bizarre incident Dan experienced during his lunch break. Then they discuss the Walt Disney World Hall of Presidents, and what should be done with it. They discuss Zootopia being the subject of a copyright lawsuit. They talk about how Lularoe is taking over the world, and how Disney will be live-streaming the dedication of Pandoraland on their blog.

Once the news is done, Dan and Annie celebrate "Graduation Season" by handing out some Disney Hero Superlatives such as "Best Smile" and "Best Dressed". Or maybe entirely different ones. Check it out!

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Annie and Dan return and discuss the additional Disney Cruise Line locations and routes, the utterly pointless observation deck at Tomorrowland for the 'occasional fireworks', and the length and quality of the Epcot Food and Wine Festival.

Then Dan wastes everyone's time by going through a pointless list from MiceChat.

After that nonsense, they talk about Beauty and the Beast, finally, Johnny Depp's mounting insanity, and the early word on Pandora.

They finish up with some listener questions.

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