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October 2014
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Annie and Dan return from their hiatus to... pretty much get back to business as usual. They go through the news of the week, which includes Guardians of the Galaxy Box Office woes in China, Speculation about Hollywood Studios, new hotels at Walt Disney World, MyMagic +, and the Dapper Dans singing on a Southwest Flight.

Their main topic is reading through some good old fashioned Reddit Posts about Disney mishaps at the theme park, and rating their plausibility.

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Annie and Dan welcome fellow blogger and podcaster, Jack from LeBeau's LeBlog and LeBeau's Le Show to the podcast today. 

The trio go through the Disney news of the week and discuss Annie and Jack's meet-up at Disney World from Jack's perspective.

The main topic this week was contributed by Jack and so the three discuss the best point in WDW history to travel back to for optimal park experience.

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Annie and Dan go through the News of the Week like usual, and then dive right in to recapping Annie's trip to Walt Disney World.

Join us as she tells of her adventures!

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Annie and Dan discuss the nature of Twitter, and the Disney News of the Week. Pretty much like always. Really, the news is just killing time until we can get to talking about Annie's upcoming Walt Disney World trip, which starts on Monday the 22nd..

They discuss Annie's trip plans for a while, and then transition into their main topic, which is "Attractions they've Never Experienced" (but had the chance to.)

Follow Annie on Instagram for her Trip updates @DJPhob and leave a review of the podcast!

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Annie and Danny return this week and they're in rare form, discussing the news of the week, which includes the new lineup for Dancing with the Stars, The Lion King on Broadway, Apple Pay coming to Disney, Big Hero 6 and Tomorrowland coming out soon, and... oh yeah... some Frozen stuff.

In fact, they spend the 2nd half of the episode talking about Disney Fans, and the outlandish reactions to the recent news that Disney is replacing The Maelstrom with a Frozen Ride. 

Enjoy the show!

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This week Annie and Danny discuss the very sparse news in the world of Disney including the coming out of Oswald the Rabbit, the burgeoning love between Duffy and Gelatoni, the lawsuit between Disney and Deadmau5, and Big Thunder Mountain's 35th Anniversary at Disneyland.

Next, Annie discusses a great AMA done by a former Disney Princess

Last, Dan and Annie pitch their ideas for the next great US-based Disney Park, after being inspired by the D23 Celebration about Discovery Bay.

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This week Annie and Dan return for their 52nd Episode, which they're considering their anniversary show.

They start off pretty typically with the news, but go off the rails several times. We won't even really try to summarize.

Their main topic is all about how Disney can incorporate modern technological advances into creating more improved park experiences into the future.

Thanks for Listening!

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Annie and Danny return for Episode 51 and start traditionally with the Disney News of the week, this time briefly touching on the passing of Robin Williams, The American Idol Experience closing, Frozen's upcoming "Making Of" special, George Lucas' evil plan, Tower of Terror ride videos, and the closing of Haunted Mansion for refurb.

Next the duo announces that they'll be running in the Tower of Terror 10 Miler in 2015, which is just about the worst thing ever.

Lastly they each plan their "Worst Disney Day" in the parks for each other. Annie gets way more creative than Dan.

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Annie and Dan return to their movie reviews or recaps or whatever you wanna call them. 

During the episode they go into great detail over the 1953 Classic, and discuss among other things, topless mermaids, bitches who be crazy, Pan being a jerk to everyone, Captain Hook being a great villain, along with the usual arguments over racism and misogyny in old school Disney Classics.

Watch the flick and follow along with them as they vaguely follow the order of the actual movie.

Also, as a little bonus, they discuss the recent entries over at Parkeology about the biggest Disney Park controversies.

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This episode Annie and Dan are joined by amazing Tweeter and Blogger Celeste from @PsySocDisney and 

They discuss the usual news bits and pieces, such as some cool added events to Epcot's Food and Wine Festival, the opening of Guardians of the Galaxy, the propensity for old people to go to the hospital after riding Mission: Space, Jungle Book movie casting news, and the first trailer for Into the Woods.

After that, they dive into topics inspired by Celeste's blog such as Exclusivity at Disney, opening up the Cinderella Suite to everyone,  why Belle kinda sucks, why Tiana is awesome, why maybe Disney shouldn't make t-shirts mocking It's a Small World.

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