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Annie and Danny return for Episode 51 and start traditionally with the Disney News of the week, this time briefly touching on the passing of Robin Williams, The American Idol Experience closing, Frozen's upcoming "Making Of" special, George Lucas' evil plan, Tower of Terror ride videos, and the closing of Haunted Mansion for refurb.

Next the duo announces that they'll be running in the Tower of Terror 10 Miler in 2015, which is just about the worst thing ever.

Lastly they each plan their "Worst Disney Day" in the parks for each other. Annie gets way more creative than Dan.

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Annie and Dan return to their movie reviews or recaps or whatever you wanna call them. 

During the episode they go into great detail over the 1953 Classic, and discuss among other things, topless mermaids, bitches who be crazy, Pan being a jerk to everyone, Captain Hook being a great villain, along with the usual arguments over racism and misogyny in old school Disney Classics.

Watch the flick and follow along with them as they vaguely follow the order of the actual movie.

Also, as a little bonus, they discuss the recent entries over at Parkeology about the biggest Disney Park controversies.

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This episode Annie and Dan are joined by amazing Tweeter and Blogger Celeste from @PsySocDisney and 

They discuss the usual news bits and pieces, such as some cool added events to Epcot's Food and Wine Festival, the opening of Guardians of the Galaxy, the propensity for old people to go to the hospital after riding Mission: Space, Jungle Book movie casting news, and the first trailer for Into the Woods.

After that, they dive into topics inspired by Celeste's blog such as Exclusivity at Disney, opening up the Cinderella Suite to everyone,  why Belle kinda sucks, why Tiana is awesome, why maybe Disney shouldn't make t-shirts mocking It's a Small World.

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This week Annie and Dan talk News, which includes Justin Bieber's quickening descent into actual evil, the folks in Norway being mad about Frozen rumors, the release date of Pirates of the Caribbean's next movie in 2017, Aulani's appeal, Bob Iger's success, and the release of Disney vacation package prices for 2015

Next they go into a really bizarre Dan's Conspiracy Corner, which includes porn, the Pope, jesuits, and the illuminati.

Lastly they tackle a crapload of listener questions. It's a pretty broad representation fo who's actually listening to our show, and we're thankful to everyone who contributed a question.

Stay tuned after the credits for some outtakes.

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This week Annie returns from her vacation, and takes on the task of reigning in Dan while she reads the news. The tables have turned indeed.

During the news they discuss new stuff at Disneyland, the upcoming 60th Anniversary of Disneyland, the big Monorail Breakdown, a new one-day feature of the Food and Wine Festival, the new restaurant going in at The Boardwalk, and the fishy review of Cinderella's Royal Table.

Next they discuss Annie's possibly controversial opinion about one of Disneyland's most iconic landmarks.

Lastly they discuss Dan's recent visit to Disneyland in rambling detail 

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This week Annie is on vacation, so Dan brings in amazing guest host Rebecca Kelly, who has freed herself from the closet to fill in on the podcast in Dan's hour of need.

They end up with a pretty fun episode where Dan and Rebecca talk about people losing digits on Pirates of the Caribbean, the D23 Event coming up, the passing of a Disney Legend, and the reopening of Club 33.

Next they discuss the potential expansions of Soarin' and Toy Story Mania.

After that, Dan comes through on a promise from previous weeks, and they close out the episode with their main topic, the movies in the Disney animation lexicon that most need a sequel.

Listen for some special easter eggs throughout the ep.

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This week, Annie and Dan start off with the Frozen News of the Week, as usual. This time touching on the Frozen Summer Fun event, how the Head Animator of Frozen is leaving the studio, and Dan bitches about the Special Features on the Frozen BluRay.

In other news, they discuss the re-opening of the Alice in Wonderland ride at Disneyland, the Magical Express lowering their “unaccompanied minors” age, the prequel book for the “Descendants” show on The Disney Channel, and Duffy the Bear’s new friend Gelatoni the Cat.

They WERE going to do a Dan’s Conspiracy Corner about Up, but Annie’s never seen it, so they’re postponing until after her vacation.

The bulk of the episode is another clip show where Dan and Annie sent each other Disney-related YouTube Clips for each other’s amusement. Follow along by watching the clips here:

Annie’s “Frozen Pranks”

Dan’s “Vintage Pirates Commercial”

Annie’s “Muppets Bloopers”

Dan’s “Snow White and the Seven Thugs”

Annie’s “Mulan Censored”

Dan’s “Disneyland Secrets”

And the Bonus “Imagineering” Clip.



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Annie and Dan open this podcast with some world cup soccer discussion, and then after dicking around for a few minutes on that, they dive in to the Disney News of the Week, as is their habit.

This week's news features items ranging from Harrison Ford's injury on Star Wars, Frozen being literally everywhere still, Cinderella's Royal Table being refurbished, MousePlanet's list of Top Disney Hotel Restaurants, The Lion King's 20th Anniversary, casting announcements for the weird Lion King reboot, and more.

Next they briefly discuss a "Disney Dummy", probably Dan's favorite one ever.

Lastly they discuss the attractions they think Walt would and wouldn't like if he was unfrozen today without any preparation for the technology and attractions of modern times.

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This week Annie and Dan go in depth about all kinds of things to the point they don't even get to their main topic.

They start, as usual, with the news. This week touching on such subjects as the insanely long lines for the Frozen meet-and-greets, the potential of a new Frozen Ride, the fury over the changes Disney is making to Into the Woods, the closure of the Wilderness Lodge pool, special "Rares" at the Villains Unleashed Event, and the silly shit Studios is doing now that Star Wars weekends are over.

After the news, they dive into some listener questions, and further discussion of Annie's trip planning and then they talk for a long time about dining reservations, and basically call half the country "rubes".

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Annie and Dan are joined this week by fantastic Disney bloggers Shane and Ted from who came on to talk about the one-year anniversary of their epic quest to ride all 47 rides at Walt Disney World.

Before they get into it, though, they start with the news. This week they discuss the closing of American Idol Experice, the possibilities of a new Star Wars area, the new "Direct Check-in" at the resorts, the opening of a new Haunted Mansion shop, and Harrison Ford's on-set injury.

The 2nd half of the podcast is dedicated to talking about the Parkeology Blog, and of course the duo's epic attempt at the WDW 47, which is possibly the coolest thing ever.

Thanks to Shane and Ted for coming on!

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