Annie and Danny's FastPass Podcast

Before digging into the Disney on this ep, Annie and Dan discuss animal rights and the Sacramento Atmospheric River.

The pair dive into the Disney news of the week, which includes churros returning to Animal Kingdom, the return of tequila to Epcot, and the amazing new sock store at Disney Springs called Stance! They have fancy socks, y'all. 

After completing the news, which also included a deal with Panasonic, the possible opening dates of Pandora at Animal Kingdom, and the Magic Kingdom's new dining and park opening experiences.

After the break, the two take an audio tour through Walt Disney World's Tomorrowland and discuss the current and past attractions that have made it such a memorable location.

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Annie and Danny return to their early days and do a good ol' fashioned movie review, when they tackle Pixar's A Bug's Life.

The bring some fun new categories they'll use for reviewing movies moving forward, including best Disney In-Joke, Sexiest Character, Most Uncomfortable Relationship, and Best Voice Performance (and many, many more). 

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Annie and Dan wrap up the year by looking forward to their list of Disney Related Resolutions for 2017. 

We bring you... Disneylutions.

They discuss just about everything from Water Features, Upcoming Film Announcements, Star Wars land and movies, Disney World, Disneyland, Pixar, virtual reality, Carrie Fisher, Duffy the Bear, and more!

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Annie and Dan discuss this week's Disney news, which includes heightened security at Disneyland, a record box office year for Disney Pictures, Oscar Martinez, the guy who's worked at Disneyland for 60 years, the return of Stitch's Great Escape, and the launch of Disney SnapChat shows. 

Annie poses several holiday related questions to Dan, they discuss Carrie Fisher's heart attack, and they wrap up the show talking Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

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Annie and Dan return to discuss the live televised broadway shows, the Annie Awards, Dick Van Dyke, and the DuckTales reboot (including what's up with Donald's brother or Sister.

Other Topics include great places to propose at Walt Disney World, the best side character in The Office, and Dan reads some 1-Star Disney World Yelp Reviews.

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Annie and Dan return to discuss the Disney news of the day, including delays to Animal Kingdom's "Rivers of Light", Walt Disney World's Express Bus Service, Rogue One features at the parks, Disneyland's Tower of Terror being converted to Guardians of the Galaxy, and Moana joining the characters in Disneyland.

Then Annie reads some NSFM (Not Safe for Mickey) posts from Reddit, Dan talks about his Las Vegas trip, and suggests Disney looking into a big scale magic show at the parks. Then they talk about ABC Sitcoms 'Modern Family' and "Fresh Off the Boat'. 

Oh yeah, and they pick any old random name for their podcast.

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Annie and Dan return to discuss the Disney company and Disney theme park news of the day, including The Epcot Food and Wine Festival, new dining experiences on the monorail, and the trailer for Beauty and the Beast. The duo also talks about the awesomeness of Moana, and Dan's big Disney-related purchase.

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Annie and a sick Dan return to record an episode full of whimsy, mirth, and the mocking of children. So... pretty much business as usual.

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Annie and Danny get deep this week, talking about Racism and Politics and Facebook arguments... and they sort of talk about Disney too. ENJOY!

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Annie and Danny talk about the lack of Disney news, where they'd want their ashes spread, and talk about custom-movie marathons.

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