Annie and Danny's FastPass Podcast

Annie and Danny return from a long absence, and they're just as amazing as always.

They talk about the Disney news of the moment, which this week includes rat bites, emotion-sensing ride technology, D23 dates for a year from now, a possible new park at Tokyo Disney (Maybe Tokyo DisneySky), the decapitation of animatronic heads around the world, and even a beautiful story about how Coco touches everyone's hearts and we all cry about it.

Dan also rails against the rising number of 1-star Flight of Passage reviews that have absolutely nothing to do with the ride, and more to do with the weak, puny bladders of park goers (or their large calves).

Join us!

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Annie and Dan return this week to talk about the very Facebookesque topic of wishing people Happy Holidays versus Merry Christmas... That's about it.

Just kidding! They also talk about the folks at Parkeology doing WDW47s for people, and how difficult it would be to do with the newly added Pandora rides.

Mostly, though, they talk about Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Spoilers start around minute: 26:30

They talk about Poe and Finn and Rey and Kylo and Leia and C3PO and BB8 and Luke and Snoke and yes... this is an obvious SEO grab.

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Annie and Danny return from hiatus to discuss the holidays, more takeaways from Dan's trip to Walt Disney World (including that time he made a really old man feel bad at the Dumbo ride in Magic Kingdom). Dan also touches on his impressions of the new Pandora attractions, Flight of Passage and Na'vi River Journey. Dan then briefly touches on his reviews of the new Walt Disney World restaurants (Tiffins, Jungle Skipper Cantina, Morimto's, Art Smith's, and Frontera Cocina). It's all very thorough.

Then the duo turns their attentions to the Frozen short before 'Coco' and 'Coco' itself. Spoiler Alert... They liked one of them, and didn't like the other. See if you can guess which one is trash, and which will be held up along with the rest of the Pixar, Disney pantheon of great films.

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Annie and Dan return after Dan's trip to Walt Disney World and break down the trip, day by day. Of course, because they're both wordy as all get-out, they only get through the first two days of the trip, starting with Day one at Disney's Animal Kingdom, and dinner at Boma, and finishing with Day two at Epcot, and dinner at Morimoto Asia in Disney Springs.

Among other digressions, Dan discusses his theory that Fastpass Plus is increasing wait times overall, Frozen's quality as a ride, and some of the new Pandora attractions. 

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Annie and Dan return again on this Indigenous People's Day to discuss Annie's screening of the cinematic classic 'Spooky Buddies', the Miami Dolphins coach doing cocaine, and Summer blockbusters with real snowy or cold settings (prompted by Annie's re-watch of the Beauty and the Beast live action film from this Spring), how Annie only has 3 mom stories now, Dan's impression of Tom Cruise's new movie "American Made", and how they've slowly been world building around the memes of the podcast this whole time. 

The duo spend the last half of the show talking about the planned portion of Dan's itinerary for his upcoming Disney trip. They'll be trying some new restaurants (Morimoto Asia, Art Smith's Homecoming, Jungle Skipper), and some new rides (Flight of Passage, Frozen Ever After), and enjoying the Epcot Food and Wine Festival.

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Annie and Dan are joined by friend of the pod, Celeste (@hyperionceleste) to break down the Disney animated classic Pinocchio.  Tune in to hear our takes on the most awkward moments, heartwarming scenes, best songs, best voice performances, and more.

Pinocchio spoilers are everywhere in this one, so if you don't want to know what happened in the 77 year old movie, you may wanna skip this one... or you know... watch the flick and listen along!

Why do some of the animals have human traits, and some are just animals? Why does Geppetto send Pinocchio to school within moments of knowing him? Would you wanna live through the apocalypse? Was Monster just misunderstood? 

Get it all within this Pleasure Island!

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Annie and Dan have just about nothing to say this week, so they ramble on about all manner of things.

They talk about the Taco Bell drive-thru, making Christmas wreaths, Dan's dislike for beloved children's movies of the 80s, Annie's fake chocolate allergy, Rutherford B Hayes, and other various topics.

Annie reads some 1-Star Disney reviews where we hear about a group of people wandering the parking lots of Disney World, folks eating hot dogs in the rain, and the bottomless drinking cups.

Lastly, the duo decide which attraction at each park they'd get rid of.

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Annie and Dan are joined this week by friend and listener, Daffy Stardust.

Together they discuss more of Dan's Harry Potter fixation, Annie's attendance at the movie 'It' (No spoilers), Dan's tattoo, and that's before they even get into the Disney News!

News includes information on how Hurricane Irma impacted the parks, how Disneyland's Halloween Party sold out in record time, and they discuss Disney Pin candles way too long.

Dan goes on a rant about 1-Star Disney World Yelp reviews.

The group spends the last 30 minutes of the episode talking about Daffy's recent Disney World trip, which includes his impressions of Pandora, and some tips for getting on Expedition Everest without a wait. 

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Annie and Dan return and discuss the latest update in the Mikram Saga, Dan's new King Candy tattoo, Dave Navarro's suspected veganism, and the impact of Hurricane Irma on Walt Disney World.

The majority of the ep is focused around the delights and menus of the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. 

Dan reads off each of the menus available, and they decide which item on each they'll want to enjoy. Interspersed among the different menus, Annie and Dan trade off asking each other obscure-ish Disney trivia.

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Annie and Dan discuss various and sundry things at the start of the episode this week, including rich people flying to see the solar eclipse, Annie's NetFlix watching habits, and Dan's continued obsession with Harry Potter.

Dan reads the Disney news, which includes updates on "One Man's Dream", The discontinuation of Disney's Express Transportation service, Animal Kingdom's "Ultimate Nights of Adventure" tour, the 35th Annual International Food and Wine Festival, and some rumors that Annie did not like about the upcoming Coco horning in on Gran Fiesta Tour.

In their main topic, they discuss their 3 Disney Genie Wishes, which shockingly includes food and Harry Potter, and ways to experience Horizons again.

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